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Masonic Temple

Below are the findings from DPX's investigation at The Masonic Temple in Detroit, MI. We've provided a description of what we hear, but welcome you to draw your own conclusions. We recommend listening to these EVPs with headphones.

Come Get Me - Masonic Temple
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We hear four EVPs, in this order:

"Okay," "Help me now," "Come get me," and "No."

Interestingly, these were captured immediately after we heard an audible bump in a room on the fifth floor.

Scratching 2 - Masonic Temple
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More scratching, or perhaps growling, on the fifth floor of the Masonic Temple.

Humming or Growling - Masonic Temple
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Humming or perhaps growling captured on the fifth floor of the temple.

Scratching - Masonic Temple
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While sitting at a table in a room on the fifth floor, we heard what sounded like scratching below the table. 

Shut Up - Masonic Temple
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As Todd is talking, an unexplained voice in the background says "Shut up."

Bump - Masonic Temple
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An unexplained bump is heard on the fifth floor of the temple. This was the noise heard just before the EVP titled "Come Get Me."

Knocking - Masonic Temple
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Unexplained knocking captured on the fifth floor of the Masonic Temple. 

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