New Member Spotlight: Joe Warner

Hello everyone! I was asked to to write a blog for this month and I thought this would be a great chance introduce myself to all of you. Let me start off by saying it is an honor to even have the opportunity to be writing this, and allowing me to be part of your evenings when I investigate with the rest of the DPX family. So... who am I? Where did I randomly come from, and how did I get into this awesome field of ghost hunting?

Let's start off with who I am. I was born and raised in New Jersey. I always had a passion for helping people and became an EMT at the age of 15. Thirteen days after graduating high school, I enlisted into the United States Marine Corp and started my next journey. In true fashion of not being able to relax, I completed my time in the Marines and immediately went into the South Carolina State Police academy. This is where my paranormal interest began!

While working a fatal collision on Jan. 1, 2011, I caught the photo below. I could not explain it, and to this day, I still can't. It wasn't foggy when the photo was taken, there was no fire creating smoke, and that was the only photo of more than 100 taken that showed the mist.

On top of that, I had a shadow figure chase me out of the woods, which caused me to flee the area. Since that time, I've been hooked on paranormal things and anything to do with it. I was extremely fortunate to live 10 minutes from Savannah, Georgia and was able to do an overnight tour of the Moon River Brewery on River Street. This grew my interest even more, but I was unable to really take it anywhere beyond simply being an interest. I moved to Michigan 3.5 years ago and stumbled upon the Eloise tours. Of course, I went on Halloween!

I went to Eloise knowing absolutely nothing about the building, and not knowing anyone from DPX. Using only my iPhone on the fifth floor, I captured a weird moan, which made me want to investigate the building further. I came back the next day and met Todd and Jeff, who listened to the recording and invited me back. Since that first recording at Eloise, I've been physically grabbed, heard my name said numerous times, caught unexplained figures in photos, captured multiple recordings, have seen figures on my Kinect SLS camera, and so much more.

I was truly honored that they asked me to join the DPX family and further my interest in this field. In addition, my original paranormal experience is being featured on a TV show called Paranormal 911, which I was flown to Toronto to film. The show was recently picked up by the Travel Channel and may air sometime this summer!

So, now you know how I started randomly showing up on videos. I hope to meet and talk to everyone at our events. I love sharing experiences and talking about things you might have seen on our live feeds. I'm still a full-time police officer, so due to my schedule, you may not see me all the time. Thank you again for taking the time to read this. I cant wait for 2019 and all the crazy times ahead!

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