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My Hopes for the Afterlife

Despite our best efforts, we still don't know what happens after we die. What if the afterlife is exactly what you believe it will be? Whether that's nothing at all, pearly gates you stand at before answering for your sins, or allowing your soul to have some downtime before coming back to earth. It's possible that your experience in the afterlife is shaped by what you believed in while you were alive, because anything is possible in the afterlife.

Think about that. It could be anything.

There are so many cultural beliefs about what happens when we leave our earthly existence behind. Many of those beliefs share some common themes, but each has unique elements and some are entirely different from others. I consider myself more spiritual than religious. I do believe in a higher power - God, a source energy, the ether - but I also believe in reincarnation.

The scientific community doesn't embrace the paranormal world, because what's experienced most often can't be replicated on demand. Thus, it's a pseudoscience. But, in my years of being involved with it, I will say that I've had too many experiences to not believe. And scientifically, we know energy is neither created nor destroyed, so it would stand to reason that a person's energy would go back into the environment when their physical body passes away.

We will only know what happens when we are supposed to know. With that in mind, here's a shortlist of things that I hope happen.

A Life Review

A lot of things I believe in are really rooted in my intuition. I don't consider myself psychic, but everyone has intuition and I've learned over the years to trust mine. The more you trust it, the better it serves you. I've listened to that gut feeling many times in life, and it has often led to favorable outcomes. The idea of a life review is something that really resonates with me.

Basically, a life review is where you look back at your entire life to see how you handled situations. How did you treat people? Did you progress along the path your soul set out to follow? Did your soul grow in the way it intended to when you incarnated?

I've read that we feel the affect we had on others. The joy we gave them, but also the pain we caused them, regardless of intention. This is not a judgement, as in being sent to Hell for causing someone pain, but rather a chance for your spirit to grow. An opportunity for you to advance to a higher plane of existence by having empathy for others and becoming a more loving being.

I'm a very nostalgic person as it is. I love watching old home movies, looking at old photos or hearing music that takes me back to another time. The idea of a life review sounds incredible, and I hope that's something we all get to experience.

Reuniting with Other Souls

I'm sure this one would be on nearly everyone's list. Who doesn't have a beloved spouse, family member, or friend that they want to reunite with? I've read that souls tend to incarnate in groups. That is, the soul who is your mother in this life, may be your daughter or aunt or cousin in another. I could see this being the case, because I think souls would take away valuable lessons from having those different perspectives.

I believe that we all play a role in each others' lives. You have an impact on a person you speak to only one time. Think about how a small action leads to so much more. I got involved in the paranormal field years ago when my sister went to a Superbowl party and met a lady. They hit it off and began talking about the paranormal world. Long story short, the lady was part of a paranormal group, which my sister and I joined. I spent a few years with them, met one of my best friends and countless other amazing people, and went on to co-found Detroit Paranormal Expeditions.

Had she not gone to that Superbowl party, I may not be writing this blog right now. I might not know you, which depending on your perspective, you may feel would've been a good thing. Just kidding, kind of.

What I mean from this story, though, is that we all impact one another. I hope I'm reunited with those souls that helped me along my journey, and those that I've helped along theirs.

Another Chance

Have you ever been called an "old soul"? This basically means that you are a wise and advanced soul because you've incarnated many times and learned the lessons you were supposed to learn. You may be more empathetic towards others and more aware of how you impact those around you.

I know I haven't lived a perfect life. No one has. I hope that when I get to the other side, I'm able to incarnate again and apply things I've learned in this life. I do believe that ultimately, we may advance to the point where incarnating again is not necessary. Maybe, when we get there, that is what some consider "Heaven." Being a complete, enlightened and loving being. Having a full understanding of your impact on others.

At that point, is incarnation a choice? I would think so, because having that level of enlightenment would mean you have the chance to help others grow during their incarnation. I feel I've met people like this - those who are especially warm and understanding. You just get a good feeling about some people, and I think that's because they are a very advanced soul.

Time Travel

This last one is really more of a wish on my part, mostly because I'm a history nerd. I would really love to go back in time and witness some of the most important historical events. I think that could be valuable for souls, as historic events are often filled with turmoil and challenging circumstances, from which valuable lessons can be learned.

I'm not sure if I hope to incarnate and live through those times, or for the ability to be a silent observer and just watch. Maybe it's both. I'd just appreciate the chance to be there, period.

But that brings me to another thought, and that's the struggle we all endure in this life. Oftentimes, we do so silently, carrying the burden of these challenges squarely on our shoulders, which at times, can feel overwhelming. Always remember that you are a divine being on a path to something greater than you can envision now. Don't allow your focus to be consumed by the circumstances you are navigating. Instead, look at how you are going to come out of the situation better than you went into it. Keep growing and always be the best version of yourself that you can be.

What do you hope happens in the afterlife? Tell us in the comments!

Photo by wilsan u on Unsplash

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