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Below are the findings from DPX's investigation at Eloise Psychiatric Hospital in Westland, Michigan. We've provided a description of what we hear, but welcome you to draw your own conclusions. We recommend listening to these EVPs and watching the video below with headphones.

Who Are You? Better F***ing Get Out of Here - Eloise
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While walking in the Power Plant, photographer Matt Cain and investigator Matt McCoy comment about seeing what they thought was someone's flashlight. We capture an EVP that seems to say, "Who are you? Better f**king get out of here."

Woman Humming - Eloise
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This EVP of what sounds like a woman humming a song was captured when Todd was alone on the third floor, just minutes before he left. To see the full story, watch the video at the bottom of this page.

Are You Crazy? Yeah... Maybe - Eloise
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During an EVP session, Lauren asks, "Are you crazy?" We capture an EVP that sounds like it says, " Yeah... maybe."

Lost... Bi**h - Eloise
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Stephanie comments that she is going to step outside for a while. An EVP seems to faintly say, "lost... bi**h."

Don't Say That - Eloise
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Jeff comments about having sudden and unusual back pain. He says the F word, and a whispery EVP sounds like it says, "Don't say that."

Distant Scream - Eloise
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During an EVP session, both Todd and Lauren hear what sounds like a distant woman screaming from within the building.

Who Is This Man? on Geobox - Eloise
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Using Jeff Fent's Geobox, the group hears a woman coming through on the fourth floor saying, "Who is this man?"

Visit on Geobox - Eloise
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During a geobox session, an investigator says, "We came to visit." A voice comes through the geobox and responds saying, "visit."

Lobotomy on Geobox - Eloise
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Jeff asks the spirits present to say the word "lobotomy" if they ever underwent a lobotomy at Eloise. We hear what sounds like a response coming through the geobox saying, "lobotomy."

Alone on the third floor of Eloise, Todd begins hearing consistent footsteps behind him. They become so constant that he gets uncomfortable and leaves the building. What follows are the sounds of heavy movement on the third floor, when no one else is present. Our cameras capture the main hallway and only entrances to the room - no one enters or leaves after Todd.

On the third floor of Eloise Psychiatric Hospital, psychic-medium Brandy Marie and guest paranormal investigators feel the presence of a spirit just down the hall from them while conducting a Geobox session. Seconds later, a vinyl record that was sitting on top of a filing cabinet shoots off, then slams on the floor hard enough to break it, which required a significant amount of force.


Despite efforts to debunk it, neither Brandy nor the investigators could replicate or explain the occurrence.

Dining Room.JPG

This photo was taken by Ace Taylor, who attended one of the Eloise tours. On the first floor of D Building, there is a large, mostly open room with tables and chairs in the back of it. Ace shined his flashlight into the room and snapped a photo with his digital camera. What he found when he reviewed the pictures was a black silhouette in the back of the room, which looks like it is sitting in one of the chairs. At the time this photo was taken, no one was in the room and we do not have an explanation for what caused that silhouette.


This photo was taken by Shannon Fern, who volunteered to help with the Eloise tours. In the basement of D Building, there is an industrial kitchen. She snapped a photo while in the kitchen, and caught what appears to be an apparition to the right of the pillar. The white, misty figure appears to have on a collared shirt or coat. The light source to the right of the apparition was a lantern.

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