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Norris Farmhouse

Below are the findings from DPX's investigation at The Norris Farmhouse in southeast Michigan. We've provided a description of what we hear, but welcome you to draw your own conclusions. We recommend listening to these EVPs with headphones.

Man Laughing - Norris Farmhouse
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Todd: "Was there a rumor of a suicide?"

Home Owner: "See, they had pushed the water meter right from the wall..."

Todd: "Oh..."

Unexplained Male: *Laughing*

There She Is, There She Is - Norris Farmhouse
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Home Owner: "That might be what she says when she says it stinks."

Unexplained Male: "There she is."

Todd: "That house smells."

Unexplained Male: "There she is."

Todd: "Because one of her things is scent."

That's Great, That's The Spirit - Norris Farmhouse
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Jeff: "Good to know."

Unexplained Female: "That's great."

Separate Unexplained Female: "That's the spirit."

Todd: "I'll find out as much as I can."

That's What He Said - Norris Farmhouse
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Jeff: "Brandy said she thinks your name is Richard."

Unexplained Female: "That's what he said."

Jeff: "And that you're confused."

I Can't See - Norris Farmhouse
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Investigator: "I don't know."

Unexplained Female: "I can't see."

Margie: "Yeah, I'm ready for photos."

Okay Female - Norris Farmhouse
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Brandy: "If there's anyone downstairs with Todd, can you say your name? Or give Todd a sign downstairs?

Unexplained Female: "Okay."

Investigator: "Matt hung a bell..."

Beer - Norris Farmhouse
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Okay Female 2 - Norris Farmhouse
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Brandy: "The chair that I was seeing."

Lauren: "Oh, I thought you said corner."

Brandy: "Right here."

Unexplained Female: "Okay."

Brandy: "Or right there."

Jeff: "Okay."

Investigator: "What's your preference, whiskey or vodka?"

Unexplained Male: "Beer.""

Captured while using PSB7 spirit box.

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