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Destination FEAR
Jeff Adkins and Todd Bonner are featured on Season 1 Episode 5 of Travel Channel's Destination FEAR. Watch the episode below or on Discovery+!
These Woods Are Haunted
DPX encounters a dark and powerful spirit in a historic lighthouse on Beaver Island in Lake Michigan. Watch the episode below or Season 3 Episode 9 on Discovery+!
These Woods.jpg
Most Terrifying Places
DPX appears on Travel Channel's Most Terrifying Places to talk about their experiences at the former Detroit Police 6th Precinct. Watch the episode below or Season 1 Episode 5 of Most Terrifying with Jason Hawes on Discovery+!
Most Terrifying.jpg
Paranormal Survivor
Todd Bonner and Lisa Norris describe the many paranormal occurrences experienced at Norris Farm in Taylor, Michigan. Watch the episode below or on Season 4 Episode 10 on Hulu.
Paranormal Survivor.jpg
Fright Club
Todd and Brandy show and discuss an unnerving paranormal experience in Eloise Psychiatric Hospital. Watch Season 1 Episode 7 on Discovery+!
Fright Club.jpg
Haunted Case Files
Todd and Jeff share some of their most unnerving paranormal experiences. Watch Season 2 Episodes 13, 15 and 16 on Discovery+!
Haunted Case Files.jpg
Paranormal Caught on Camera
DPX shares several unexplained experiences at Atwater in the Park brewery, as well as Eloise Psychiatric Hospital. Watch Season 2 Episodes 6 and 9 on Discovery+!
Paranormal Caught on Camera.jpg
Death Walker
DPX shares some of their most profound experiences in Detroit's former 6th Precinct police station. Watch Season 1 Episode 2 on Tubi!
Tomi Lahren is Fearless
Todd and Jeff sit down with Tomi Lahren to share some of their theories on the paranormal world. Check it out on Outkick and Apple Podcasts!
Tomi Lahren is Fearless.jpg
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