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Locked Up: Spirits of Old Licking County Jail

At first glance, the Old Licking County Jail's eye-catching gothic beauty is undeniable. There is so much history in this 130-year-old building, including14 deaths, six of them by suicide. The most famous incident was the murder of detective Carl Etherington, who was lynched nearby by an angry mob because of his role with the State Anti-Saloon League. It was later learned that he was only 17 years old - not even old enough to be a detective in the first place.

When we first walked into the building, the energy was so strong, it was like it hit us in the face. Instantly, I could tell things were going to be interesting that night.

We all did a brief walkthrough and started setting up our equipment. We split up into groups and our team headed downstairs towards the drunk tank. I immediately felt like we were not wanted down there - I started having chest pains and felt my heart racing, and the chest pains were something I've never felt before at any location. We were trying to connect with a spirit named Jason. We did hear a few bumps and bangs, and the overall feeling of uneasiness.

We went back upstairs to check out the cell blocks. Jeff Fent brought his Geo Box, so we all huddled in the room as we listened and tried to connect with a spirit named Mae. She came through clearly, and was speaking with Teri Long and Jeff. They have a great connection with her.

The voice that came through was extremely clear - it was amazing to hear voices coming through in real time, instead of having to play them back on a recorder.

When we finished with the Geo Box, a few of us were leaving and a large shadow figure came rushing towards us. The experience scared the living daylights out of me, and we decided to take the Geo Box to the lower level where the drunk tank was. We heard many spirits come through that night. Hearing those voices further validated to us that spirits can interact with us; they do hear us and can understand.

I'd like to give a huge thank you to Teri and Jeff for the opportunity to investigate this beautiful place. We truly enjoyed every minute of it!

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