Our list of haunted pubs, bars and restaurants in Michigan…

People always ask us, what are DPX’s favorite haunted places in the state? We decided to do something fun and come out with our list of haunted pubs, bars and restaurants. Over the course of 2021 we visited and researched these amazing places! Some of the criteria we used to determine our list was history, ambiance, personal stories, our own experiences, atmosphere and the reported hauntings. The stories we heard from each of these locations was really interesting and we found out things we didn’t know! We hope you enjoy and we recommend checking them out for yourself!

Walldorff Brewpub, Hastings MI

Now a brewery, this building dating back to 1866 has been many things throughout its lifetime, including a funeral home, hardware store, furniture shop, clothing retailer, and a drug & grocery store. Staff and guests have reported numerous paranormal encounters, including objects unexplainably flying off the bar on their own, lights coming on, being touched, shadow figures and much more.

Two Way Inn, Detroit MI

Built in 1873 and known as Detroit’s oldest bar, it opened as a saloon in 1876 and also served as a general store, stagecoach and railroad station, hotel, jail, dance hall, and possibly a brothel. During Prohibition, the Two Way was owned by a dentist, which is significant because doctors could prescribe up to a pint of whiskey every 10 days for pain under The Volstead Act. There have been several deaths in the building throughout its lifetime. One of the apparitions reportedly seen here is a cowboy with a long white beard and cowboy hat, who many believe to be the spirit of Col. Philetus Norris, the building’s former owner. He was not only a bar owner, but also a Union spy during the Civil War, an archaeologist and a superintendent at Yellowstone National Park.

Nancy Whiskey's, Detroit MI

Nancy Whiskey's dates back to 1902. According to staff and regulars, this 119-year-old pub is believed to be haunted by no fewer than three spirits. Some of the activity reported includes disembodied voices when staff are closing and all guests have left, mirrors breaking on their own, and much more. Just inside the doorway is an old phone booth, which was reportedly used by Jimmy Hoffa on a regular basis. It’s also possible that members of the Digby family, who opened the general store on this site in 1902, still remain to this day.

Cadieux Cafe, Detroit MI

The Cadieux Cafe is one of Detroit’s most well-known reportedly haunted locations. A pair of Belgian immigrants, Yvonne and Robert Devos, founded the cafe on Detroit's east side in the early 1930s. In its early days, it was a Prohibition-era speakeasy. The Devos family purchased it in 1962, and in 2018 it was purchased by Paul Howard, co-owner of Cliff Bell's, and musician John Rutherford. It was famously showcased by Anthony Bourdain during a visit for his TV show No Reservations. Some have seen an apparition that they believe to be Yvonne sitting at a table near the bar area. Others have seen her husband, Robert, in the basement of the cafe, as well as objects reportedly moving on their own throughout the building. More info: cadieuxcafe.com.

The White Horse Inn, Metamora MI

The The White Horse Inn dates back to 1848 and is believed to have been a stop on the Underground Railroad. It originally served as a general store, but througout its lifetime has also been an inn, dance hall and now a restaurant. The building has quite a haunted reputation, with many reporting to hear the sound of boots walking across its second floor when no one is up there, doors slamming, lights flickering and more. Some have even seen apparitions, including those of a man in a 1940s tuxedo, an older man and a young girl. One of the haunted legends says that a handful of patrons and a worker were killed in a fire in the front section of the bar. To this day, people in the bar continue to report hearing screams, possibly of those who perished in the fire.

Bone Heads BBQ, Willis MI

Bone Heads BBQ is known to be one of the most haunted places in the state. Now a bar/restaurant, the building dates back to around 1865 and previously served as coach stop, grainery, butcher shop, ice house, post office and general store. Numerous paranormal encounters have been reported by staff and guests. Some have seen apparitions near the host stand and bar, heard footsteps and whispers when others weren’t present, and seen the apparition of a woman in a white dress walking down the stairs. While it’s not known who all the spirits are at Bone Heads, there’s one the owners and staff call Nellie, who they believe may have lived in the building in the early 20th century.

Tommy's Bar and Grill, Detroit MI