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Spiritual Communication: There's an App for That

When Jeff and I created Detroit Paranormal Expeditions, we wanted to do things differently. We wanted to not only go to more reportedly “haunted” locations across the country, but also focus on investigating some of Michigan's untouched gems. Our travels have taken us to some incredible places throughout our beautiful state.

We wanted to be able to take our fans with us no matter where we went, so we started doing Facebook Live walkthroughs of each location we visited. We covered both the paranormal aspects as well as the history of the place. As we grew, that evolved a bit into investigating live with static cams and hacked phones that utilize infrared to allow our viewers see us and the room in the dark.

We use some of the most up-to-date equipment available, built by some of the best developers out there, such Paranologies, George Brown and Jeff Fent to name a few of many. Lately, we've been experimenting more with apps. While we maintain a healthy dose of skepticism, the ones we've used have given us some compelling results. Spiritus and ITC Legion are the ones we have used. They have blown us away by giving specific answers to our questions, including saying things specific to the locations we've been investigating.

For instance, we've been using Spiritus frequently as of late in Eloise Psychiatric Hospital. On the third floor, one of the rooms has an old pullout couch in it. While one of our investigators, Joe, laid on the bed, multiple voices through Spiritus began saying, "Sit up." Eventually, that changed to "get off." What is particularly interesting about this is the fact that we've replicated this at least a half dozen times, "sit up" isn't heard anywhere else in the building - only in that room, and only when someone is laying on the bed. Here is a video clip of it happening:

We respect everyone's views on the paranormal world - whether they believe or not. But, advancements in technology allow us to discover and experience things that we may not have been able to before. Just because we don't have definitive proof of the paranormal world yet doesn't mean we never will. Imagine describing an iPhone to someone in 1919 - they wouldn't even be able to wrap their mind around it. Who knows where will be in 2119.

And, of course, not every single thing that comes through a spirit box - whether via radio or an app - is necessarily paranormal evidence. Like anything else in this field, you have to look at it from a skeptical perspective and question what is really happening. A lot of instances can be explained rationally and scientifically, but in our experience, some cannot.

We depend on these researchers to build and develop these tools, which helps us interpret what we are encountering while investigating. It also goes back to taking you with us on our adventures, either via livestream or actually being on location with us. You get to see first hand some of the tools we use as we seek to discover what's on the other side of the veil.

As technology advances, we as investigators have an opportunity to use some of these incredible pieces of equipment. We are always learning as a group and hope you enjoy being part of the journey with us.

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