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Philadelphia: An Unexpected Encounter

Our recent journey to Philadelphia to investigate a reportedly haunted former hotel was quite different than expected, to say the least.

In late April 2021, we hit the road and headed out to Pennsylvania, with a stop at Eastern State Penitentiary along the way because when you're in the area, how can you not? Eastern State was amazing, and while we only visited for a day tour instead of investigating, the history of that facility can be felt throughout every corner of the property. It was a bucket list location for us to visit (and hopefully one day investigate), but it wasn't the main purpose of our trip.

We were headed to Philly to investigate a reportedly haunted hotel, which was featured in the movie Hell House, LLC. Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside of our control, we weren't able to investigate there that night, despite the nine hour drive it took to get there.

So, what were we to do, being in Philly with no location to investigate? Well, if you know us at all, you'd probably guess that we had found a historic place to stay at while we were there. Turns out, the place we rented was a good place to investigate as well.

We stayed in a historic home, which dates back to 1904, photo below. Our initial feeling of this house was that it was peaceful, and to be honest, I'm not convinced what we encountered there was even from that house.

The evening we learned we'd be unable to investigate the former hotel, we sat on the fenced-in patio, which can be seen on the right side of the photo above. We began talking about past places we'd investigated, one of which was Beaver Island. During that investigation, we encountered one of the strongest entities we've ever come across, which sounded like a woman angrily yelling "I told you to go!" Here is our blog about that experience.

Shortly after talking about that experience, I walked back into the home and was going to go upstairs. I got to the bottom of the stairs and just stopped - a feeling came over me, as if I were absolutely certain that there was something upstairs, and that something had sinister intentions.

I turned around and went back outside to grab Todd. We decided to do a spirit box session using our 1939 GE radio box, photo below.

While using the GE box on the first floor of the house, we began hearing voices come through that were telling us to go "up." After multiple times of hearing normal voices saying this, Todd asks the spirits to say it louder and clarify where it wants us to go. The voice of what sounded like an angry woman screamed through the box, "come up!" The voice comes through at 18 seconds in the audio below:

The Beaver Island EVP was captured in the spring of 2017, and months after we encountered it, I was at a restaurant with a small one-person bathroom. I walked in and turned the light on, and painted on the wall was Michigan, with smaller paintings of lighthouses around its coast. I looked at Beaver Island, and kind of just thinking out loud, I uttered under my breath, "Shipwreck. I told you to go."

Five seconds later, the bathroom went dark. I thought the building had lost power or the light burned out, but the switch was down, despite the fact that I'd just turned it on. In that moment, it was like I could feel an entity inches from my face on my right side. I felt like it was trying to tell me that it was there, and it was there because I had called it there.

It seems to me that I summoned that entity simply by looking at the painting of the lighthouse, thinking about it, and uttering the words I'd heard on that EVP. I don't think physical distance is a challenge for spiritual entities, least of all one that is strong as the Beaver Island entity is.

Fast forward back to April 2021. Shortly after we heard the angry "come up" voice on the box, we shut it off. At that point, the house had an intense energy, much different than it had been when we first arrived. Out on the patio, we heard a loud, unexplained thump on the fence. It sounded like someone literally hit the fence as hard as they could, yet no one or anything was around to make that noise.

Later that night, a bottle of Glade air freshener fell off a shelf in the home despite no one being anywhere near it. I think that entity was showing us that it was still there.

I don't know who the lady at the Beaver Island lighthouse is... perhaps the wife of a former lighthouse keeper, perhaps something that was never human at all. But one thing is for sure - it's one of the strongest entities we've ever come across, and I do believe it has showed up multiple times since then when we were no where near Beaver Island.


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