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Being a Sensitive in the Paranormal World

By definition, being a sensitive means having perception through the senses. For me, as a sensitive, it’s all about the energy. Energy coming from a person, place or thing.

Generally speaking, I can figure out within the first couple of minutes upon meeting someone if I like them or not. How is this possible? Some people call it a “gut instinct," some feel they are a “good judge of character." For me, it’s all about the vibes. And from my experience, vibes don’t lie.

Think about it for a moment. If we bring our thoughts to basic biology, we are all but mere energy. So when meeting someone new, in the physical world, they are putting out vibrational energy, and this is what we pick up on. I do believe that all humans are sensitive to some degree, it’s learning how to accept this gift, how to work with this gift and how to trust yourself with it. Stepping into the paranormal world as a sensitive, there is another level of acceptance and understanding needed.

I am not a psychic nor a medium. I cannot directly communicate with the dead like a medium and I do not visually see or hear a spirit in its form in my mind, I feel them. When walking into a location, as a sensitive, it’s all about the energy, the feel of a room. I have encountered many types of different energy in different locations. This is where, after years of working on it, I’m able to find the spirit, find the energy. My senses alone can take me on a journey. I have experienced anxiety, euphoria, calmness, fear, dread, happiness. The sensations felt can be different for everyone. For me, I’ve been able to distinguish, through different sensations, what type of energy I may be dealing with.

Negative energy, for obvious reasons, can be draining and exhausting. For me, I know I’m in the presence of something negative when I become completely unbalanced, in a vertigo kind of way. There is a heaviness that comes over my entire body and everything becomes sideways. This is a familiar feeling when I’m in the presence of a strong, powerful energy that isn’t necessarily negative. The sensation of being unbalanced is present, minus the sideways feeling. This is a great example of knowing and understanding my gift. And of course there are many spirits who are neither dark, negative or heavy.

I am grateful to have experienced many types of energy on my journey through the paranormal. I have

experienced children, the elderly, and many characters in between. I have been touched lovingly and violently. I have heard voices and noises with my own ears. I have captured EVPs from spirits who, upon verification, once walked the halls of the location. Stepping back in time and following the energy in a location and gathering evidence to back up one’s feelings is no doubt a very cool experience.

As a sensitive, I have had to learn to trust myself and protect myself accordingly. It is so important, sensitive or not, to protect yourself, mind body and spirit before and after every investigation at every location. Good, bad or indifferent, you never want a spirit coming home with you.

In future blogs, I will share some tips of protection and different stones of protection, things what works for me.

Sensitive or not, understand that we all put out energy in life and death. So be kind, to yourselves and others. Vibes don’t lie.

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