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Embalming & Tea Parties: My Most Memorable Experience

As a ninth-generation psychic medium, I've always been intrigued on how it works for us in haunted locations. Ten years ago, I set out on adventures to potential haunted locations in the United States. Since then, I’ve been to Pennhurst Asylum, Hinsdale House, Statler Hotel, Murdock-Whitney Mansion, Barron Arts Center, Buffalo Central Terminal and many more.

In 2018, I filmed for Within These Walls, which is on the Vidi Space Network, and got to travel to the east coast. One of the stops was Winchendon, Massachusetts. As a psychic medium for the team, I requested to not know any information on where we would be filming for the weekend, so there was no contamination of evidence. I remember pulling up to the beautiful home and saying to Daniel Klaes, the owner of the Hinsdale House, “Wicked memories here. Are we ready?” He just looked at me and smiled.

Walking through the front door, I took in the beautiful architecture and residual energy that the home exudes. For every episode we filmed, I would walk into each room and write down what I could see, hear, feel, smell and touch from Spirit. The first thing I wrote down while in the dining room was "embalming and tea party," two things that do not go together, and I was confused as to what Spirit was trying to convey. I left it and continued on with my walk-through.

We finished up the walk-through and returned back to the dining room where I again heard a woman yell, “I want my tea party and them embalmed.” I'm told the look on my face was indescribable. It wasn’t making any sense, and I felt like I was going crazy. The gentleman who is the key holder to the location entered the room and we took initiative to ask him what this might have meant. He was baffled, and didn’t understand how I knew all of that. Many years ago, the previous owner used to have tea parties in the dining room, and when her best friend passed away, she had her body embalmed in the living room and propped up to enjoy one last tea party. Crazy, gory, and mind boggling.

This is just one of my most memorable experiences while investigating as a psychic medium. If you have not checked out the Murdock-Whitney Mansion, please do so! You won’t be disappointed.

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