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Mortimer: An Attachment

I've told this story countless times verbally, but I've never actually wrote it down and covered all the details. For many people who are interested in the paranormal world, their greatest fear is going home with an attachment. It can happen, and a couple years ago, it did happen to me.

It all started at Randolph County Infirmary in November 2016. The group that would one day become Detroit Paranormal Expeditions took a trip to Winchester, Indiana to investigate Randloph. The former infirmary has a fascinating and rich history. A poor house was constructed on the site in 1851, but was destroyed by fire only two years later. In 1857, another infirmary was built on the site and that one also only lasted two years, when it was shut down due to unsanitary conditions. The current structure was built in 1899.

I began investigating in 2012, and at that time, I acquired a medal with a Benedictine cross on it blessed by Bishop James Long. I carried that with me to every paranormal investigation I ever went on up until Randolph. That night was my friend Lauren's first investigation, and I gave it to her for protection, figuring I would just get another one down the road. Whether that medal actually provided protection, or if it just provided protection because I believed it did, is open for interpretation. Regardless, I had never had an attachment in more than four years and this was my first time without it.

We investigated that night and did have several significant experiences. Around 5 a.m. as we were all dozing off to sleep, we heard what sounded like a heavy metal door slam in the basement. This same occurrence was reported on an episode of Paranormal Lockdown that was filmed there, and I do believe that was an authentic paranormal experience.

For about a week after Randolph, everything seemed normal.

Then one night, I woke up randomly out of a sound sleep. I looked at my phone. It was 3:57 a.m. I'm someone who is generally very alert when I wake up, and what I'm about to describe had never happened before and hasn't happened since.

I had a hallway that led directly into my bedroom in my apartment, and right after I glanced at my phone, I saw a black shadow figure clear-as-day speed walking directly towards my bed. Not quite running, but coming directly towards my bed at a quick rate of speed.

I am not too proud to say it - I screamed, jumped out of bed and had to run towards the thing to get to the exit of my bedroom. I ran through it, looked over my left shoulder, and there was nothing. I got back in bed and my hands were literally shaking. I've never been so shaken up in my life.

Believe it or not, I eventually got back to sleep.

The next day, I chalked it up to a dream. But little did I know, that was only the beginning.

A few days later, I went out to dinner with friends. When I was leaving, I got in my car and turned it on auxiliary mode. I was texting and didn't want to drive, so I sat there for about 15 minutes. My car battery died, which isn't necessarily paranormal in nature, but it was odd. I called a tow company, got a jump and got home fine.

At the time, I lived alone. I hopped in the shower, and when I got out of the shower and went to exit my bathroom, the bathroom door was locked. This was very strange, as I never locked the door given the fact I lived alone. The next day, I called Todd to tell him about the strange things that had been happening.

To my surprise, that same week, Todd woke up in the middle of the night and saw a shadow figure standing in his room. What's even more odd was that Todd had a brand new 2016 Dodge Ram at the time, and his truck battery died randomly the same week my car battery died. At this point, I figured something strange was going on.

I consulted several psychics I trust and respect, including Brandy who is a member of DPX, and they recommended I sage my apartment several times a week for several weeks, put black salt under my bed and along my front door, and a few other tips. I did everything recommended, and for a while, it did seem to quiet down.

About a month after the initial occurrence, I was going out for drinks with friends. It was December 30, 2016. Just as I was walking out of my apartment, I heard the TV turn on in my room. It's a Samsung, so it makes a jingle when it turns on. I stopped, walked back in, and sat down in my room.

Because of the timing, I couldn't help but feel that the spirit didn't want me to leave my apartment. Still, I turned it off and went out. While at the bar, my coat was stolen from the back of my chair, which had my car keys and wallet in it. Was the spirit attached to me trying to stop that from happening? It's possible.

I nicknamed the spirit I believed to be attached to me Mortimer. During investigations, I would sometimes ask if Mortimer was with me, and several times I did hear what sounded like a deep male's voice come through different spirit boxes in what sounded like a response to that question. What happened over the next nine months, however, was even more creepy.

I started to see fog over my eyes in selfies. What was particularly strange about it was the fact that it wasn't always present. If it was a day it was there, I could take 10 selfies and it would be in every one. If it was a day it wasn't present, I could take 10 selfies and it would be in none of them. It seemed to come and go as it pleased. I made it a point to keep my eyes wide open when taking the pictures, so it was not caused by blinking. What was also interesting is the fact that the fog was always thicker over my left eye.

It would be easy to think that perhaps it was just an issue with the phone's camera. But, I had two different phones during that period because my first phone broke. I used to have dozens of photos, but because iPhones used to have much less storage than they do now, I unfortunately did not save many of the photos. They were deleted when I would sometimes delete photos to free up storage.

I know, I know... In retrospect, I wish I would've saved every one of them.

I did manage to save six of them, which are below. The first one was taken in November 2016, the second in March 2017, and the last two in August 2017.

This fog would come and go until September 2017. During a Geobox session, I once again asked if Mort was with me. I heard a female voice this time come through and say, "It's done." From that day forward, I've never seen the fog over my eyes or experienced any other signs of the attachment.

You never want a spirit attaching to you, because it can drain your energy and have all kinds of negative effects on your life. But in this case, do I think this spirit was negative or intended to harm me? No, I don't.

In the time since, I've developed different beliefs on attachments and how to prevent them. I did get a bracelet with the same Benedictine cross on it, also blessed by the same bishop, which I wear to every investigation. But, I also think a big part of protection is making sure you maintain a positive state of mind and stay grounded.

I like to think that the spirit needed something to move on, and in whatever way, I hope I was able to help it do so. If the lack of photo evidence and experiences since then is any indication, I believe I did that.

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