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Psychics & Evidence: When It All Comes Together

Since I began investigating in 2012, I've had the privilege of working with a number of psychics, several of whom have really impressed me. The ways that psychics receive their messages seems to vary, with some seeing entities clear as day standing in the room with them, and others receiving messages in a more fragmented manner, perhaps even seeing images that are metaphors for what's truly being communicated.

On our team, we're fortunate to have Brandy aboard as our psychic-medium. She has picked up on the families and friends of people around us numerous times, including recently during our trips to Beaver Island and Iron County Historical Museum. During our trip to Beaver Island, she picked up on something that was actually able to be substantiated by audio evidence.

After our presentation hosted by the Beaver Island Historical Society, we took a trip to the island's remote southern end to visit the Beaver Island Head Light.

The lighthouse dates back to 1851, with the two-story yellow brick light keeper’s house added in 1866. Harrison ‘Tip’ Miller was appointed lighthouse keeper in 1863, when he moved to Beaver Island to follow the radical Mormon leader, James Strang.

Tip and his wife raised their 10 children in the keeper's house. He was eventually transferred to The Life Saving Station at Point Bestie, but he had taken part in several shipwreck crew member rescues during his time as lighthouse keeper at Beaver Island. This fact may make sense in the context of the EVP we captured at this lighthouse.

Getting to the lighthouse required an almost 20-minute drive to the island's remote southern end. The dirt road was bumpy and lined only with dark forest on each side, with the occasional vacation home along the way. Immediately when we pulled up, Brandy saw a woman in the spiritual form standing on the porch pointing back towards the road.

"Go. You need to leave. Get out of here now," the woman told Brandy. Brandy got the sense that the woman was protecting us from something darker in the home; something that wouldn't tolerate us being there.

We explored the property a bit more and finally entered the small building attaching the lighthouse to the light keeper's home. The home itself was locked up, but the small building and the lighthouse remain open 24/7 for visitors. While in the small building, we did a 25-minute EVP session, during which we caught one of our strongest EVP's to date. Here is the clip:

In the clip, I ask if a spirit can shake a door handle to the house that's locked, and Todd jokingly says, "What if that door just opened?" Then, you can hear what sounds like, "Shipwreck. I told you to go!"

I can tell you from my memory of being there, we did not hear that, and it sounds like it may be two separate voices. Although we weren't talking about shipwrecks, the "shipwreck" mention may make sense given the lighthouse keeper taking part in several shipwreck crew recoveries. What's more chilling though, is the "I told you to go" part.

When Brandy saw the woman in the white dress, the woman was calmly telling her that we need to leave. The voice in the EVP sounds angry, and Brandy wasn't sure why she'd come across that way. We don't know either, but the experience is one we won't forget.

In our line of work, so much remains unproven. The very existence of the spirit world itself still remains unproven to many. Because of that, it's especially meaningful to have an experience like the one we did, where our psychic picks up on something, and we were able to capture audio that seems to support her claims.

Beaver Island is full of history, and we've only scratched the surface. We plan to be back and hope to explore more of the many historic treasures you can find there.

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