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Museum of Mysteries: Investigating Iron County Historical Museum

Where do I begin? As Jeff and I prepared for this investigation, we were facing an 18 hour roundtrip drive and hoping the experience would prove to be worth the trip. I can honestly say it was one of the most active locations I've been to yet, and everyone we had the privilige of meeting was friendly and welcoming.

The museum itself reminded us of a smaller version of the Henry Ford Museum. Thousands and thousands of artifacts from the Iron County area. The staff members have encountered various types of activity over the years, and we found out first hand that the the location was every bit as active as expected.

As investigators,we always keep a healthy dose of skepticism in mind. I just want to share the experience that will stick with me forever. On the museum property, which is a large 10-acre site with 26 buildings, we investigated the Carrie Jacobs-Bond home, a Victorian-style home

built in the1800s, during our second night of our 48-hour lockdown. We decided to do an EVP session in the parlor area. The investigators attending included Lauren, Linda, Jeff and me. We tried different techniques, including playing music that Carrie Jacobs-Bond composed and sang. After a few minutes of playing the music, the environment changed drastically.

We heard footsteps throughout the home, sounds of knocking and possibly a door opening. During this EVP session, we had a digital recorder, K2 meter and spirit box as the equipment we were using. The K2 went all the way to red, the highest level of elctromagnetic field that it can detect, and flew off the lounge chair.

Yes, flew off the chair it was sitting on.

While I've never been scared doing this stuff, this experience actually shook me up. We all had to take a break and exit the home for a while. Some of us felt unsettled, and a few minutes to calm down was necessary. After about 30 minutes, Jeff and I decided to go back in.

I actually thought I must have been seeing things, and needed to go back to rationalize the experience in my mind. So, we went back to the exact spot the incident occurred. We started another EVP session. This time, we heard noises upstairs, first a low soft thump, then a minute later, a louder thump at the top of the stairs. Before we could really get the EVP session going, fast and heavy footsteps came down the stairs toward us.

Jeff and I were both pretty moved by this experience. While we don't necessarily feel the spirits in the home are negative, we did feel that they didn't want us there at that time. Because of that, we chose to exit the house for the night.

I know it may sound crazy, but things like this are what drive us to explore this field. I still get chills just thinking about the experiences. I wanted to stay and see what was coming down towards us, but my intution told me not to, and I wanted to respect that. I will never forget that house - something is there that's unexplainable.

We'd like to sincerely thank the Iron County Historical Museum for giving us this opportunity to visit, and the City of Caspian for being so hospitable and welcoming to our entire team. We do hope to return soon, investigate further and share the findings and experiences we encountered at this fantastic historical society.

To get a better idea of the home's layout, watch our pre-investigation walkthrough video here:

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