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Magical Self Care Rituals of a Paranormal Investigator

In today’s fast-paced society, the concept of self-care is often forgotten or least prioritized by overwhelming demands that keep us busy from sunrise past sunset. Everyday the “To Do” list gets a little longer, and it can be a blessing to find even 10 minutes for a quick shower.

With burn out rates on the rise, finding proper life balance can seem near impossible, and especially so for paranormal investigators (most hold full-time, day jobs and work late nights, while still needing to juggle family and personal lives), carving out daily self-care time is essential to the very success and survival of those who dive into the paranormal realm.

Without proper care and down-time, spirit attachments can become a horrifying reality (See Jeff’s article on Mortimer). The truth is – psychic attack can happen to anyone, but taking proper measures can tilt the odds in your favor. One of the best ways for paranormal investigators to stay safe is with the practice of energy clearing through self-care. The following are some self-care practices I use to stay healthy during intense investigations. If you are looking to ghost hunt, or if you are simply feeling bogged down, I suggest trying out one of these rituals to stay energized.

Detoxifying Bath – Baths are not only delightfully relaxing, but are extremely

purifying of negative energy. Add a mixture of Dead Sea salt and pink Himalayan salt under running water. If you want to get creative, I recommend mixing in goat’s milk with baby’s breath flowers for extra purification (not to mention moisturizing) benefits. For extra harsh spirit contact, add cascarilla (crushed egg shell powder).

Light a white candle and climb in the tub. As you wash, imagine the cleansing properties of the bath ridding all negative energy from your body and soul. You may even choose to fully submerge for a moment or two. Let the bath work its magic and linger as long as you wish.

Purifying Shower and Body Care – If you don’t have a tub, or if baths aren’t your thing, try this purifying shower ritual. While any soap can work, I highly recommend a palo santo soap (can be found online) to wash away toxic energy and bring in positivity. A black salt scrub (also available online) is another great tool to add in your ritual for detoxifying dark spirits. Before using any of the aforementioned products, imagine the running shower water transforming into a protective and purifying silver-white color. Allow the water to remove all toxic energy or cord attachments as you clean with soap and/or scrub. Concentrate on feeling grounded, centered and protected by the water. After showering, choose a body lotion or oil with sage, citrus, frankincense, myrrh or more palo santo to lock in good vibrations.

Meditation – Meditation is a great way to unwind any time, but especially after a long investigation. YouTube offers hundreds of free meditations on every subject imaginable; however, I advise doing a protection meditation to keep away lower energies before you fall asleep. A cord cutting meditation is a powerful way to remove energy cords from hitch-hiking ghosts. If you want to add an extra boost of relaxation, try diffusing essential oils. Citrus, palo santo or frankincense continue to be strong entity clearing oil choices.

No matter how exhausted I may be after an investigation, I always try to find the strength for completing at least one of the above rituals. Truthfully, the more tired you feel, the more necessary these self-care measures become. Paranormal investigating isn’t a game, and lack of preventative steps can lead you down a chilling road. I hope this helps you find some peace after adventuring in the etheric realm.


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