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Guest Blog: Leave the Paranormal

Well, you always want a headline that grabs attention right? However, this time I am quite serious. Let's start at the beginning. I did my first "official" investigation at 16 years old in​​ Dudleytown, CT. I am now 42 years old. I've struggled with depression, anxiety, booze, insomnia, self-esteem issues... you name it! Here comes the question: Was my involvement in the paranormal the root of these problems? No. Did my involvement in the paranormal possibly exacerbate them? Quite possibly.

I was friends with Debbie and Mark Constantino. They were a regular feature on the Travel Channel show Ghost Adventures. Mark killed Debbie before taking his own life. My buddy Ryan Buell of Paranormal State has several pending court cases. One of my best friends and co-star of Haunting Australia, Gaurav Tiwari, committed suicide in his bathroom a few months ago. Sadly, I could go on... and on and on. Did ANY of these incidents have a DIRECT cause related to the paranormal world? Probably not, but it probably didn't help.

Here is where I'm going with all this: you cannot swim in a pool filled with manure, and expect to come out smelling like roses. If you delve into this field, you surround yourself with darkness - both literally and figuratively. You immerse yourself in negative energy, whether real or perceived. You spend a lot of time away from family and friends, just to be sitting in dark rooms.

Now, I can hear the naysayers already shouting that if I'm not tough enough, I should get out of the way. Not to worry, the k2-wielding, radio-dial-spinning, constantly-provoking, morons of this field don't bother me. I'm not writing this for them. They believe their false bravado will save them. I doubt it, but I wish them luck!

So, who is this warning for? You. There is nothing wrong with being in this field for a scare or a thrill. I would just suggest switching to roller coasters. There are things lurking in the dark, and a lot of'em ain't friendly.

Still not quitting? I was afraid of that! Okay, if you are staying, here are my 2 cents: make sure you stay grounded. Spend time with your family. Spread more positivity than negativity. Do NOT take your work home with you.

You can do as you wish with my rant here, but remember to take care of yourself. Be well and I'll meet you in the dark.

Robb D.

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