Eloise: Charting New Territory

March 18, 2019

Eloise Psychiatric Hospital is full of surprises, mystery and the unknown. The walls of its few-remaining buildings hold a vast amount of secrets, many of which we may never know.


Once a 78-building complex over 902 acres, Eloise had so much more than we can see today. Unfortunately, historic preservation has not been the State of Michigan's strong suit over the years. I hope that changes over time and more of our important historic buildings are preserved instead of demolished or left to rot. 


While there are few buildings remaining, we are still learning more about Eloise every day and finding areas we haven't seen before. We recently investigated the power plant and ran static cams, allowing viewers at home to be part of the action and watch our cameras live on Facebook.


The basement of the power plant has been flooded for years, but the building's owners recently hired a company to pump out the water, which has made the basement accessible for the first time in decades. What we found when exploring it was incredible. 


The first thing we noticed is that nearly every surface is covered by some amount of rust. Imagine a shipwreck without the water, and that's exactly what it looks like. Some parts are worse than others, but it was amazing to be in a space that once hustled and bustled to power the complex's 78 buildings. Today, an eerily-still silence permeates the entire floor, covering it almost like a blanket.


Standing alone in the dark, I couldn't help but feel that someone was standing in silence feet away from me. Perhaps it was my intuition, or just my mind playing tricks on me, but I did not feel alone. 


Below are a few pictures from the basement of the power plant at Eloise. Take a look for yourself.