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A Psychic's Perspective: Norris Farm

We had the privilege of investigating the Norris Farmhouse in Taylor, Michigan in October 2016 and January 2017. The house was built in the 1920s and is the childhood home of the current owner.

Brandy Miller

As a Psychic-Medium, I always like going to a location knowing nothing about the history, so I know that I am 100% connecting to the spiritual energy itself. I like to know that I'm recieving the information from them and not another source.

When being told we were investigating the Norris Farm back in October, I immediately started to connect to the energy that resides in the home. I was picking up on the energy of a male, and also a little girl. With that, I was also smelling the scent of mildew. Upon arrival at the Norris Farm,I instantly started getting visions of old music records and seeing song lyrics.

As we began to set up for the investigation, I was picking up the energy of a little girl who looked to be about 5-7 years old. She had pigtails with blonde hair and a little ruffled dress. We began our spirit box session in the bedroom off to the left side of the living room, and that's when the energy of the little girl introduced herself to me as Emmy/Emily. At that time, Jeff and I kept seeing a shorter shadow figure that would be the size of a child in the living room. The male energy was not strong enough for me to pick up that night, so I focused most of my energy on Emily since she seemed to be coming through more to me. We did hear what seemed to be disembodied voices and whispering, but it only seemed to happen when we were talking amongst each other.

The DPX team at Norris Farm

After our investigation, we followed up with the owner of the home and she confirmed that when she and her sister were younger, they had seen the spirit of the little girl and gave her the name of Emily. Crazy,right? I thought so too!

I did see that the basement was flooded, and that's why I was picking up the scent of mildew prior to the investigation. The owner also mentioned that she had music lyrics written on her bedroom wall. We were invited back to the Norris Farm in January 2017 due to the home owner experiencing more activity while doing renovations to the home. When a location is known for paranormal activity and you're doing renovations, the activity may increase. The energy that resides at the location may become confused and dislike the change that is going on.

As we arrived for our second investigation at the Norris Farm and started setting up the equipment, I immediately began picking up on Emily again. I could see her hiding around the corners peeking her head out, like she was playing hide and seek with me. She was also giggling and smiling. As I proceeded to walk around the home, I started to connect with the male energy I was picking up during our first investigation. This time, he had become stronger and Emily's energy felt weaker. When doing an EVP session in one of the bedrooms located on the upper level, the male energy told me his name was Richard. A member of team asked how he passed away and the male energy, Richard, began to show me in my mind's eye, but he also made me physically feel it. I began to feel pain in my neck and shoulder. As we moved to different locations of the house, I would periodically have that same feeling in my neck.

Throughout the night, other members of the team would also feel the energy around them, almost as if the energy was touching them. Todd, Jeff and I decided to go to the basement, and Jeff and Todd believe they saw a shadow figure along with Todd feeling the same discomfort in his neck that I felt. I began to have this heavy feeling on my chest, and I was having a hard time breathing, so I had to remove myself from the basement area.

I went to the living room on the first floor with the other team members, and as we were all standing there, we heard what sounded like loud footsteps in one of the bedrooms located on the second floor. A few of us decided to go check it out and see what may have caused the sound, but we found nothing that could've possibly made the sound of footsteps. We all met on the lower level and decided to wrap up the investigation after being there for about four hours.

I was told after the investigation a little bit of the history, and found out there was a suicide in the barn, which was at one time located next to the home. There was also a hanging in the basement. I do believe Emily resides there with the male energy, not just in the home, but on the land itself. I do see her being there since the late 1800s. I also sensed that the male energy is confused about why so many people keep coming to the home, as if it's his home and he doesn't understand what's going on. I did connect with the male energy, and I told him to forgive himself and go to the light so he can move on to the other side. I hope he did so!

With all this being said, I do believe the Norris Farm has paranormal activity.

The DPX team feels honored to be able to investigate the Norris Farm - not once, but twice! We'd like to thank the owner and I personally would like to thank my DPX team for allowing me to be part of the team. It's a pleasure to be able to help people, and also help with the spiritual side of it all. The members of this team are great people, and I feel honored to work with them. It's great to be a psychic and work with paranormal investigators because we can all agree that not only do the living need help, but the spirits that remain do too. I am going to end this blog by expressing a huge appreciation for everyone in the paranormal field - keep up the great work and keep the #paraunity strong! I hope you enjoyed reading about some our experiences at the Norris Farm.

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