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Guest Blog: The Bishop's Pulpit

Hello everyone. Well, this is my first blog for this wonderful website and I am truly honored that I was asked to write for them.

Who is Bishop Long?

I would like to start by introducing myself. Although I have been in the Paranormal for a very long time, I realize that the Paranormal Community has hundreds of new folks getting involved daily. So, allow me to take some time introduce myself to them.

I write the following not to boast, but rather, to possibly remind folks where they may have seen or heard me.

I have been seen or heard on the following:

• Travel Channel

• Ghost Adventures

• SyFy Channel - “The Possessed,"“The Haunted Boy” and “Spooked”

• History Channel

• A&E

• Destination America

• A Haunting

• National Geographic

• US Weekly

• Paranormal Paparazzi

• TV Guide

• People Magazine

• Rolling Stone Magazine

• Washington Post

• Coast to Coast

• ABC Radio Networks

• America’s Most Haunted

• The Dave Glover Radio Show

• Saint Louis Post-Dispatch

So, some of you may ask, well Bishop Long, why have you done so much TV and film? Well, the answer is rather simple. First, I have never been paid 1 penny for my appearances on these projects. It seems that many people have this perception that because I have done a lot of film, I must be making a tremendous amount of income. LOL. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Secondly, I have taken a vow of poverty. I am a member of the Old Catholic Benedictines of Immaculate Mary. It is a religious order within the United States Old Catholic Church. I serve as the Presiding Bishop there. I also serve as the Exorcist for the Church and as of today, I have performed 27 Exorcisms on individuals who were validly possessed.

But that doesn’t answer the question as to why I chose to appear on so many TV shows. I started the Paranormal Clergy over 15 years ago! That was when Yahoo Groups was the primary social media tool. Some switched over to MySpace and that was the hot place to be. Facebook hadn’t even been around then.

So, I appeared on those shows because I wanted to use those platforms to let people know about the Paranormal Clergy. Our organization has helped thousands of people who contact us and report paranormal activity in their homes. We go to the houses and perform an investigation and if clergy is needed, then I get involved. We do all of this for FREE. So that is why I have done so many shows. I did them so that I could use those platforms to advertise about the Paranormal Clergy.

Also, I am very involved in homeless ministry. That is why I created the online Paranormal Course! It is 100% online and you learn at your own pace! You will learn about Demonology, Angelology, Paranormal Studies and Genealogy. It’s a GREAT program and the funds go towards my homeless ministry! You can sign up today by going to

Also, I am happy to report for the FIRST time that the Paranormal Clergy now has an educational Institute! The Paranormal Clergy Institute will be offering degrees in Paranormal Studies! We are currently working on that project and I believe many people will be very impressed! More to come on that project later.

All these projects help fund the homeless ministry. So, I offer these programs to educate the community and to also help fund my ministry; which I feel is incredibly important.

So now that you know a bit more about me, I would like to know what you would like for me to write about. Sure, I have some ideas but I would like to hear from you. Send me an email and tell me your thoughts.

I look forward to getting to know all the readers and may God bless you and your family

Bishop James Long, D. Min

Presiding Bishop - United States Old Catholic Church

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