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Guest Blog: My First EVP

Whose first evp captured was in an abandoned house? Raise your hand!

Shhh... don't tell anyone!

Yes, I did what the kids call these days, urb x-ing? Abandoned homes fascinate the hell out of me. I always wonder what happened to the families. Why would you just up and walk away? Leave your whole life behind? Or, did whomever pass away not have families? No one to take care of the home? Whatever the case, I am always intrigued. I absolutely HAVE to stop and check out each and every abandoned house I come across. I don't always go in, especially if there's a sign, but I will most definitely get out of the car and stare for minutes lol! Maybe take a pic or two with my trusty phone.

There was a house on a main road all alone in the middle of two newly-built neighborhoods with a giant creepy tree next to it, to top it off. It was a two-story, mid 1800s Victorian built farm home. White brick, teal shutters, and ominous at that! As you can imagine, the floors are caving in, many broken out windows, and it was covered in garbage and evidence of parties and drug use. This place was so far gone, vandalized and seemed to be beyond repair. One wall in the living room had the words "Kurt Cobain lives forever" spray painted above the fireplace. However, the old 1920s rounded refrigerator still somehow had jars of food in it? And let me tell you they were not fresh!

Each level was more and more beautiful than the next. I loved the crumbling plaster medallions on the ceiling, the wall paper rolling down 12ft tall walls, and the random period furniture left in each room.

One of the upstairs rooms had some amazing bedroom furniture still intact. There was a changing wall, a rocking chair and a few dressers. Will get back to this room later…

We did an EVP session in every room of this home, and some quiet sessions as well, to listen to the house. Let the walls speak. It was after midnight, so there was no contamination from traffic outside or anything else.

When we got to the basement, we were blown away. Basements are generally creepy as is, but this one took the cake. There were huge mounds of dirt that were as tall as the ceiling. Jars full of what looked like body parts of pigs covering the workbenches, and extremely small nooses hanging from every inch of the ceiling. I have no idea, to this day, what these tiny nooses were there for, I'm assuming to hang pieces of meat? But they were terrifying at 3 a.m., to say the least.

I was with my husband, my sister, and her husband. Four people total in the house. We decided to end our investigation after the basement session and head home. My sister and her husband lived less than two miles away, in one of the new neighborhoods flanking the home. I lived about 20 minutes away. By the time I arrived home, my sister had already witnessed strange happenings. Something had followed her home!

She had a dog at the time that wasn't allowed on the sofa, but would always get into trouble jumping up onto it. When she arrived home, she sat down on the sofa to rest. The pup sat in front of the sofa and stared at nothing right next to her. As if someone was sitting in that spot. She felt a little uneasy by this, so she tried to get the pup onto the sofa. The pup jumped up and sat down next to her, and less than a few seconds later, she was flinching as of something was swatting at her nose. She then jumped back onto the floor and refused when my sister tried to get her back up. Another occurrence happened that same night. She and her husband were watching TV, and the entire power strip turned off. There was a bump guard over the switch, yet, when the TV turned off and they checked the strip, the switch was in the off position.

I arrived home and immediately started reviewing the EVPs. There were at least 10 total. Since this was my very first investigation NOT on a paid tour, I was ecstatic to do my review. I listened to every single session. After several long EVP sessions of no evidence captured, I was discouraged. So I start the last EVP with a sigh. And to my surprise, within seconds of the starting the session, there was a voice! A tiny, soft, child-like voice! We had barely even asked the first question, and we had, what I consider, to be a classA EVP!

To this day, I strongly believe I know exactly what she says. However, I do not want to suggest what you hear.

After listening, what are your thoughts?

Being in that house, and seeing the state of it, I immediately knew what I thought the spirit had said. She was saying "THANK YOU." We spent an entire night in the home and were completely respectful to the property and any spirits that resided, unlike most living things that had passed through this building in the recent years.

I was flabbergasted by this find in our session! I immediately called my sister and made her listen over the phone! She then told me about her experiences after arriving home.

I decided I wanted to return during daylight hours and take some outside pics of the home. One of these images, there appears to be a possible entity in the window. Yes, I know what matrixing and paradolia are. And I know that it is possible, what was captured in the window

is one of those things. However, I personally see a huge difference in the texture of what may be a spirit in the window, and the texture of leaf shadowing in the other windows. And I'm one of the biggest skeptics there is in this industry, but something stuck with me from this home.

The image below is what I took a few days later outside the front of the home. If you look closely at the top left window, you will see what appears to be a face in the bottom left window pane. Yes, could be lead shadowing. But, compare that to the window directly to the right, and every other window that has shadows of the trees. There seems to be depth to what ever is in the left window. To me, it looks completely different than the rest of the window panes. But, I will let you, the world, be the judge. Since this image was taken, I have lost the original copy due to a faulty hard drive.

One thing I notice in the image of the spirit, is that it almost looks old woman/witch like. The shape of the nose and chin are stereotypical characteristics of a witch. It is also possible that what we captured on EVP, may not actually be a child spirit. I have always believed that negative spirits, or unearthly beings, will manifest as children to be more welcomed by the living and less threatening. Maybe the EVP captured was the spirit in the window portraying itself as a child to us.

We may never know, as this home was put up for sale not too long after we investigated, for $1. That's right, I said $1. But the catch was, you had to move the home. And by the looks of it, no one believed it would stay intact and worth the cost to move. It never sold, and was eventually torn down. The giant tree that sat next to the home is still standing. One day, I will make it back out to this tree and do an EVP session. Maybe I can get some answers.

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