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Guest Blog: Living the Dream

When I was first asked to write as a guest blogger, I didn't know where to start or what to say. What I do know is I have led a life of following dreams. So, I guess having done that now for the better part of 15 years, it has led me to join forces and collaborate on some "in the work" projects with an incredible group of people, who you may know as Detroit Paranormal Expeditions.

I can't say I've always had an interest in the unknown, unexplained or paranormal. It all began just after getting the opportunity a year ago to star in the incredible Derrick Sims' film, opposite the exquisite Suilma Rodriguez, about one of America's most haunted houses: the Allen House in Monticello, AR. It certainly changed my perspective on the potential of life after death. During my research into what turned out to be one of my favorite filming experiences to date, I truly began to understand and process the profound affects life after death has.

Not knowing at the time where my life would be a year from then, that experience in rural Arkansas began to set the stage for my curiosity into the paranormal world.

I am an actor. I am a producer. Most importantly, I am a dreamer who has an insatiable desire to understand the things that I do not know. My experience on that set and in that movie eventually led me to Detroit Paranormal Expeditions. Now, I'm walking beside them, together creating magical content that we can not yet talk about specifically, but will help others answer the questions that have haunted them for years.

Closure can be a beautiful thing, but for my journey... the curiosity... the conquest... the adventure has just begun. I can't wait to see what doors... no matter how skeptic or otherworldly they may be... will open for myself and the people along for the ride. Special thanks to Todd, Jeff, Jenny and Brandy for taking a chance on me and what I can do for y'all. Who knew a year ago when I stepped foot into one of America's most sought-after stories that it would lead to our paths crossing! May we all learn something incredible together, anddddddd hopefully, everyone will soon get a chance to see The Perfect Host!

Tale a look at the trailer above to see the amazing, beautiful and cinematic story told by Derrick Sims, which features an interesting house and its past residents ;)

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