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Mystifying in Missouri: Lemp Mansion

Our Journey began with an eight-hour car ride to the big city of St. Louis, Missouri. Even though it felt like an eternity, we finally made it. Behind the big Budweiser brewery sat a little white mansion called Lemp. It was beautiful in its simplicity, dating back to 1868.

As the Lemp family came over from Germany in 1838, John Lemp wanted to build his fortune as a Grocer. Since the lager beer industry was booming, he abandoned that idea in 1840 and decided to build his own brewery. The cave system underneath St. Louis provided the right temperature for aging beer. By 1870, Lemp was the largest brewery in St. Louis. It was used as a residence, as well as an auxiliary office.

Today, the mansion serves as a full service restaurant and Inn. What I personally liked about it was that every bedroom was different and told its own story. They were all pretty Victorian dated. One bedroom on the third floor actually had hidden letters in the floor board, which told of all the paranormal experiences that guests of the Inn have experienced over time.

The crew from 3 Girls in the Dark was very welcoming. They were fun and hilarious, but they also brought their paranormal A-game. When we first arrived, we talked to a couple outside who actually got married at Lemp. He shared with us some of his experiences, and showed us his tattoo of Lemp Mansion on his arm. I felt confident that this night was going to go well.

As we headed inside, we first went up to the attic area, where I began to feel nauseous and dizzy. I had to leave because I thought I was going to pass out. I can't say for sure whether that was paranormal or just a result of the long car ride, but it was definitely interesting. After dinner, I talked to the historian in the gift shop. After about 10 minutes of her talking about the history, again I felt nauseous and felt like I was going to be physically ill. As soon as I got upstairs, the feeling went away.

I mustered up the courage to stay in the lavender room, which some say is the most haunted room in the Inn, while others feel the most haunted is actually the room with the letters. Our investigation was pretty quiet throughout the night. I personally did not see anything, but that doesn't mean we didn't capture great evidence. When it comes to activity, the bar has been set high for me ever since our K2 meter flew at me during our investigation in the U.P. earlier this year.

After investigating until 4:30 a.m., I was so tired that no ghost was going to bother me that night. A huge thank you to 3 Girls in the Dark, and to those whoe follow our investigations. We appreciate the support and look forward to many great things ahead.

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