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Dreams Becoming Reality...

Wow....Is all I can say.

This year has been amazing to say the least! When Jeff and I decided to start this journey back in 2016, we could have never imagined the direction that DPX has taken. It's been a wild ride, but we are so thankful for everything that has happened. We have investigated 40 locations this year, met some terrific people along the way, many of whom will be friends for life. We are very humbled and grateful for the opportunities that are and have been coming our way.

We will soon host public investigations for the first time and we have three locations secured for 2018. We have some ideas of how to make our investigations more interactive for those who watch from home via social media and mobile devices. The responses that we receive are very helpful to us, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us and share your thoughts. We will continue to look for never before investigated locations and work with historical societies in Michigan to help with historical preservation, which is a passion for us.

We also will expand our presentation/lecture series, to reach more diverse crowds who are intrigued by the paranormal world and the topics we touch on. As we move forward this year, we will continue to evolve and maintain a professional and respectable approach in this field. This past year has been fantastic, but 2018 looks to be even more exciting.

We thank each and every ONE of you who has touched our lives. We truly appreciate your support and it makes us strive to do more and work harder. Our team is a focused, talented group with a deep passion for the unknown. We will be announcing some exciting news over the next few months, so stay tuned! Have a Happy Thanksgiving and we hope to see and meet many of you in the upcoming year.

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