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West Canfield: Stepping Back into History

Let me set the scene. I’m walking down a cobblestone street surrounded by stunning 1800’s architecture. House after house adorned in Queen Anne and Victorian style, The West Canfield Historical District in Detroit was once a very prominent neighborhood, home to the areas first doctors, lawyers and other wealthy professionals. Despite the wealth in the neighborhood, it was not immune to the great depression or illness.

The neighborhood was recognized as a Michigan Historic Site in 1970 and put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971. In walking down this cobblestone street, you get to step back in time while looking at these pristine mansions. When you get to the end of the street, there it is. What I like to call THE Canfield house.

It is a picture perfect looking haunted house. Some may look and see an old abandoned house, but all I can see is its beauty. The grand steps and columns leading up to the front door are stunning. There is a lot of original woodwork, staircases and fireplaces left in this home, which was built in the late 1800’s, along with a few residents who seem to still reside there.

Although I have yet to capture any video evidence, I have had many personal experiences along with audio evidence that was captured. I have had intelligent communication with spirits there, along with hearing disembodied voices with my own ears. I have on more than one occasion made contact with a gentleman name Leonard. I have experienced footsteps on the third level when I’ve been on the second. I don’t believe any of the spirits to be negative, but I have been asked to leave.

I had a pretty cool experience with our team medium, Stephanie, on the second floor where we were both rushed up on followed by a very deep, very breathy sigh. It was a little frightening in the moment as we could feel the air rush by us. Another profound moment there was the interaction Stephanie and I had with an intelligent spirit, who although we couldn’t see them, they could see us. We were on the second level and there were three doors with numbers on them. Perhaps at one time, they were apartments. We were asking the spirit to tell us what number on the door we were pointing to. With the P-sb7 spirit box, we were told.

“Three," correct.

“Seven," correct.

“Nine," correct... Truly amazing.

One thing I’d like you to remember... Not every location is haunted, and not every haunted location is negative. The West Canfield home, in my opinion, IS haunted and I have never felt fear. Some spirits want to be left alone, while others do what they can to get your attention. Because every location is different on any given day, always protect yourself.

DPX has been lucky enough to investigate this location multiple times. It is one of the locations in which every member of the team has experienced some sort of paranormal activity.

As always, I look forward to returning to this beautiful, historic home in Detroit.

Happy Haunting!

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