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Eastern Panhandle Paracon: The Martinsburg Roundhouse

We recently headed to Martinsburg, West Virginia for the Eastern Panhandle Paracon, which took place in a historic railroad roundhouse dating back to the mid-1800s. Our roadtrip to get there was about eight hours, but sightseeing along the way is always a good time and adds to the experience of travelling to new places. Martinsburg and the surrounding area had no shortage of amazing things to see.

We heard from captivating speakers, including Lorie Johnson and Mike King of Ghosts of Shepherdstown on Destination America, among several other great speakers. The paracon took place inside the roundhouse itself, but the property also has other buildings that we were fortunate to have the opportunity to explore and investigate.

There are many people we'd like to thank for their hospitality and for having us out. We'd like to thank Pat Marin, Mark Higgins, Spring and Mike Giovannelli, Melody Bruch the Tattooed Medium, and so many others who made the trip unforgettable. Check out the DPX Radio interviews that Lauren and Stephanie did onsite with several of the guests and speakers on the DPX Radio Facebook page.

While we were in the area, we did our fair share of exploring Martinsburg and nearby Shepherdstown. All we can say is wow! We've never seen so many historic buildings in one place. From restaurants and taverns dating back to the late 1700s, to a historic hotel that was spared being burned down by Confederate General Stonewall Jackson in 1862 because it wasn't owned by B&O Railroad, there is a lot to see. We'd like to come back and take about a week to finish exploring and learning about the area's rich and interesting past.

On Saturday, we had a chance to investigate the roundhouse and a few of the buildings on the property. It was very active to say the least! During a Geobox session in the artifact room, a padlocked door shook on its own. It was loud and unexpected, which startled everyone in the room. We tried to debunk it, but we couldn't. That was just one of many experiences we had. We did a lot of livestreaming of Geobox session, which you can check out on the Detroit Paranormal Expeditions Facebook page.

We'd like to encourage everyone to support the Martinsburg Roundhouse and other historic sites however you can. That may be in the form of approaching them to host investigations or other events, attending events that are held there, or even making donations when you can. Historic preservation is important to us and many people in the paranormal community. The historic sites are critical to appreciating and remembering our history, and places like Martinsburg Roundhouse are doing a great job of preserving history.

We are very much looking forward to visiting the Martinsburg and Shepherdstown areas again in the future! To learn more about the Martinsburg Roundhouse, visit

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