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Eloise: One of my Best Experiences

Eloise... When I hear the name, I think about one of the state's most historic locations. To me, it’s more personal. It was the beginning of my paranormal life.

When I was in high school in the late '80s, my friends and I used to sneak into Eloise and explore all the buildings and tunnels. We wanted to see inside this amazing place, but we never once did anything destructive or harmful to the property.

One night when we were walking around, I heard my first disembodied voice, which told me to “get out." Fast forward to 2018, and Eloise is on pretty much every list of "Most Haunted Places in Michigan." We tried and tried to gain access, but we were always turned down. Well, that finally changed last month when DPX was allowed to investigate Eloise. That would not have been possible without our friends Russ Robinson, John Hambrick of JGH Consulting, and Morgan Development, which purchased Eloise in June 2018. We'd also like to thank The City of Westland for helping to make our public tours possible, and the Westland Historic Village Park.

This is the firsthand account of my experiences on the 3rd floor of Eloise during our first investigation.

At 1:40 a.m. on Sept. 1, 2018, I was alone in "D" Building. While I wasn’t scared at first, that quickly changed. As I sat in the dark checking on our DVR monitor, that was livestreaming on Facebook, I started to hear movement and footsteps coming towards me. I called out several times to see if someone was up there with me, and got no response. It stopped for a few minutes, and then the intensity picked up, along with a chill that I will never forget.

Eventually, I decided I 'd had enough and exited the building. The crazy part was that after we reviewed our evidence from the night, not only did we capture loud, clear footsteps and movement in the room after I left, but we also captured what sounded like an elderly woman humming when I was calling out and trying to see if someone was on the 3rd floor with me. You can listen to that EVP here.

I’ve been fascinated with this place since I was a kid and to finally experience it has been a dream come true! Check out the video below to see the footage we captured Facebook Live during my experience.

Photo Credit: @caino313 on Instagram.

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