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How an Idea Changed My Life

Where do I begin? Let’s go back to the beginning of my paranormal journey. I was always the kid who would climb into abandoned buildings; I loved that rush of exploring something left for nature to take back. I was always adventurous and even more so as I got older. I’ve always loved hearing a good ghost story, or watching a scary movie. I had a couple near death experiences before the age of 10, and now that I look back, those experiences helped push me in the direction I’m going now.

My first real paranormal experience happened as a teen. I heard a disembodied voice while urban exploring. I was scared in that moment, but deep down I had the desire to find out who, what and why that happened. After that moment, I started to notice other things that I hadn’t seen or paid attention to in the past. Instead of rationalizing something out of the corner of my eye, or an unexplained loud noise, I started to question it. I didn’t start paranormal exploring professionally til 2011.

I joined a team in Michigan and ended up meeting Jeff Adkins. We immediately bonded and became best friends. We were on that team for about four years, then in November of 2016, Jeff and I talked about starting our own group. We wanted to travel and investigate as much as we possibly could.

On Dec. 8, 2016, we official launched Detroit Paranormal Expeditions.

We had no equipment and no team, but we had an idea of what we wanted our group to evolve into. I remember our first official team investigation at the Randolph county infirmary, feeling the pride of getting a group together that has grown since then to be like a family. Since then, we have been to 12 states, investigated hundreds of locations and made lifelong friends along the way. I love what we do - searching and exploring the unknown... investigating places that no one else has before.

2017 was a learning experience for us, with a lot of ups and downs. The following year was a big year for DPX. We were able to investigate Eloise Asylum for the first time ever, and were even granted permission to allow public tours, which allowed more more than 3,500 people to experience a piece of Michigan history that had previously been off limits.

A few members of our team have filmed for national paranormal TV shows, which we've enjoyed because they've provided opportunities to share stories of the amazing places we've been, and the incredible people we were able to help.

Some of us have podcasts like, The Para EXchange, and Hashtag Scared. We launched DPX Live with most of the content consisting of live-streamed interviews and investigations. It’s been a ride that I never could have imagined or dreamed of.

We are continuing moving forward in 2019, going to new places, traveling to different states and sharing our love and experiences along the way. All of this started with an idea... and the rest is history.

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